Spend time relaxing
in Okutsugaru.

If you take a walk through the forest where Aomori Hiba grows, you will discover something you have never seen before.
If you walk around the city, you may come across the same scenery as the memory of Dazai Osamu.
It may be confusing experiencing a Kominka for the first time.

There is no daily hustle and bustle here in Kanagi.
There are rice plants and Tsugaru plains as far as the eye can see, history that stands as if time has stopped.
Stars covering the night sky. Does not stop flowing Iwaki river. Snow capped Iwaki Mountain.

The warmth of people. If you spend you time in Kanagi, you will surely return to a state of calm.






A Kominka built in 1871, over 150 years ago, and the house with a thatched roof related to Osamu Dazai, called old house, Sobajima. You can stay over night in this house and experience the country life, such as dining over an open fire, swinging in the garden, and harvesting the fields (from July to October).

  • 囲炉裏の間と食事


  • 太宰治風のコート


  • 囲炉裏の間の隣の部屋


  • 宿泊室は2部屋


  • サロン


  • 厨房につながる廊下


Usage period: Limited from the end of April to the beginning of November

Tent style accommodation

  • キャンピングの様子
  • キャンピングの様子
  • キャンピングの様子

We also offer tent accommodation where you can enjoy the country life more.
The sky full of stars and the whispers of the wind make us forget about daily fights.
Leave yourself to the beautiful nature and reset you mind.
You can feel the scenery that Osamu Dazai might have experienced with all five senses.


Aomori Hiba. One of Japan's three major natural forests. A 117 km trail that goes around the track of the forest railway that is a modern heritage.
It is packed with the charm of a long trail where you can enjoy the nature, culture of the land and interacting with people.

  • 奥津軽トレイル津軽鉄道ガストロノミー列車の旅
  • あおもりひば林と森林鉄道軌道跡トレッキング
  • 太宰治も健康になるようなプログラム DAZAI健康トレイル

MealCafe & Delivery

About Sabo Hinaya

It seems that the birthplace was narrow shoulder for the evacuated Osamu, he often came here to fish with his teacher in the nearby river and relax by the irori (traditional Japanese fireplace) and drank alcohol.
It is a place where the remnants of bazai still remain.

  • Cafe lunch

    Opening hours. 10am - 4pm
    Opening day Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun,holiday

    *Accommodation is required consultation


Name Kanagi Genkimura
Location Address:
39-2 Makitakuwamoto
Kanagi-machi Goshogawara City
Aomori Japan
To check a map
Telephone number 0172-52-2882

Public Transportation Use

It's about a 30 minute walk from Kanagi Station on the Tsugaru Railway, and there is no fixed-route bus, so we recommend using a taxi.

Privately Own Vehicle

Take National Highway 339 to
Dazai Osamu Memorial Hall,
Or About 10 minutes from Kanagi Station
Parking lot can accommodate 10 cars
* no reservation required
* Free parking

  • Access from Aomori Airport

  • Access from JR Shin-Aomori Station

  • Access from JR Hirosaki Station