Corporate profile

Healther Tourism Certification


Dazai Health Tourism adds health care to the enjoyment of travel
We have received health tourism certification by the Health Tourism Certification Committee, which is a third-party certification service that objectively evaluates tourism products from a new perspective of travel and health.

Purpose of Kanagi Genki mura

Based in Kanagi-machi, Goshogawara City, we will utilize the local resources of Goshogawara City to provide local residents and visitors with Okutsugara therapy and health programs in collaboration with governments, companies groups, and individuals.
The purpose is to contribute to the overall town development with the theme of health promotion and tourism promotion nationwide and Goshogawara City

Corporate profile

General Incorporated Association Kanagi Genki mura, the Dazai’s hometown of the noble Hiba

Corporate name General Incorporated Association Kanagi Genki mura
Established 2018 May
Representative Representative Director Kazuhiro Ito
Location 〒037-0207
39-2 Makitakuwamoto Kanagi-machi
Goshogawara City Aomori Japan
Contact information TEL:0173-52-2882 / FAX:0173-52-2892