Dazai Health Trail

Japan’s three major beautiful Forest,
Aomori Hiba Forest and Modern Heritage,
Tsugaru Forest Railway Track traces and healing health trail.

The Dazai Health Program is composed of the three elements of exercise, nutrition, and rest; leading to a healthy life

Kanagi Genki-mura, a general incorporated association, incorporates the know-how of climate therapy that is famous in Germany in the field of the Oku Tsugaru Trail that utilizes Japan’s three major beautiful forests: Aomori Hiba Forest, Japanese Forestry Heritage, and Tsugaru Forest Railway track traces, and working on the Dazai Health Trail

Participation in this program does not mean that you will be healthy immedicately, but the purpose is to raise awaeness of your health by participating in the Dazai Health Trail


Dazai Health Trail Aomori Hiba’s Kamiki Course obtained Healther Tourism Certification

Enjoy the Dazai Health Trail, Bento meal included

At the Dazai Health Trail, we are particular about local production for local consumption and the traditional foods of Tsugaru, which were a favorite of Osamu Dazai; we will provide trekking lunch boxes and set meals. It is a menu that gives awareness of health by sticking to calorie and PFC balance.

  • 御膳(例)

    Okutsugaru Trail set meal

  • PFCバランス表

    PFC balance table

  •   Total amount of dietary fiber(g) Calcium(mg) Salt equivalent(g)
    Standard value 6.3 224 2.5
    Intake 7.0 185 4.0

Utilizing 5 courses Dazai Health Trail


Dazai Health Trail contents

Fee ¥3,800 yen (tax included)
※Transportation costs to the implementation filed will be charged separately
Minimum number of performers 5 people or more
Meeting time 9:00 am (it can be adjusted at your convenience)
Meeting place 『Shayokan』(Komekura) (local gathering is also possible)
Time required About 5 hours (each course)

※Please contact us for more information

Program process

※The order may change depending on the course

  • 健康チェック・オリエンテーション

    1.Health Check, orientation

  • 準備体操・ストレッチ

    2.Move to the field,
     warm up and stretching

  • 出発~ウォーキング

    3.Taking off ~ walking (start)

  • 昼食&休憩

    4.Lunch, break stretching

  • ウォーキング


  • アフターケア~健康チェック

    6.Cool down. After that, move to the Shayokan and have a retrospective meeting

The Dazai Healther Trail is held regulary in the annual schedule,
but it is also possible to set a schedule according to the customer’s request and carry it out on its own. Please contact us

In addition, various Dazai Health Programs

Let’s get well in winter on the Dazai Health Trail!

In the winter, you can walk around Aomori Hiba Forest with snowshoes. The scenery is unique to winter and feels refreshing. You will be impressed by the encounter with Aomori Hiba, which is full of vitality.

Music therapy

At the Osamu Dazai Memorial Hall and the Shayokan, there are concerts with tone chimes and handbells.
Everyone will regain a calm heart by playing instruments while singing nostalgic melodies and nursery rhymes together.

  • 一棟貸し切り古民家宿泊
  • キャンプサイトテント宿泊
  • 田舎暮らし体験一覧
  • あおもりひば林と森林鉄道軌道跡トレッキング
  • 太宰治も健康になるようなプログラム DAZAI健康トレイル
  • 奥津軽トレイル津軽鉄道ガストロノミー列車の旅