Tent accommodation

Campsite (tent) accommodation

  • 夜のキャンプの様子
  • 朝のキャンプの様子
  • キャンピング全景

Usage Overview

A trip where you can experience the nature of the countryside in a large tent

After enjoying the nature of the neighborhood, stay in a tent. It should be a slightly different trip than usual.

Farming first hand! Farming camp

Harvesting in the backyard of a 150 year old Kominka is an experience of a lifetime. We harvest seasonal vegetables from the backyard fields from July to October. (Tomato, cherry tomato, green pepper, eggplant, cucumber, Green soy beans, etc…)

A fantastic time to relax and gaze at the starry sky

There is no artificial light behind the Kominka.
You can relax and gaze upon at the starry sky. The Milky Way in the summer is a sky iasterpiece.
A fantastic night where Insects singing in the moonlight sky to help you feel connected to nature.

Have dinner at the irori (traditional Japanese fireplace) of the Kominka

Supper is a countryside dish that uses a lot of local ingredients from Goshogawara and Tsugaru.
In the garden, you can also have a BBQ in the summer (prior authorizaiton required).

Experiences are possible with a reservation

We offer woodworking experiences, learn to make local dishes of the Tsugaru region, kenoshiru, and Unpei (countryside sweets), and making original pizzas baked in a pizza oven. Three day advanced notice is required for all activities.

Please use the main building for baths and toilets

In the main building, a shower, a large bath, and a bidet toilet are available, so you can camp in comfort.
Please be assured that you will be relocated to the main building in case of rain.

Equipment outline

Rental Montbell moonlight Tent Type (for 9 people x 2 tents)
Maximum capacity 1 tent 3 people capacity, 6 people in total
Size 1 tent 9 square meters
Number of camp sites 2 tents
Number of futons (Japanese style bed) Contract rental, Normal bedding set
Number of beds 0
Number of bathrooms (shower and bathtub) 1 room (use the Kominka Kanagi Genki mura)
Number of toilets Total of 3 people, 1 unisex, 1 male, 1 female (use the Kominka Kanagi Genki mura)

Facility usage information

Check in 13:00 ~ 16:00
Check out 10:00
Minimum night stay 1 night
Maximum length of stay 7 nights

Terms and restrictions

  • No smoking inside the house.
  • Smoking is allowed outdoors.
  • We will prepare various types of alcohol upon request, so please refrain from bringing your own alcohol.
  • You are free to bring soft drinks.


  • Camping table and chairs
  • Larger tarp tent
  • Electric blanket available
  • Power strip installed
  • Small stand installed
  • BBQ site installed
  • Free Wi-fi
  • Outdoor lighting

※Use at the main building

  • Bathtub
  • Iron
  • Refrigerator
  • Washing machine
  • Microwave oven
  • Hair dryer


  • Towel
    (face towel and bath towel)
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Body soap
  • clothes hanger
  • Toothbrush
  • Razor


Free parking available. Up to 4 or 5 passenger vehicles can be parked.

The staff will be on night duty for safety management

Campsite usage fee

Standard price ¥9,900 (2 or more~. Tent, bedding rental, price per person, 1 night with dinner, 10% tax incuded).
Breakfast is optional ¥1,100 (10% tax included)
Weekend price ¥9,900 (2 or more~. Tent, bedding rental, price per person, 1 night with dinner, 10% tax incuded).
Breakfast is optional ¥1,100 (10% tax included)
Tent cleaning fee Free
1 week discount rate None
2 weeks discount rate None
1 month discount rate None

※The above prices are basic rates and are subject to change depending on the accommodation schedule and season

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