Process for reservation and activities

Settlement method

It is basically a pre-payment. Details such as the transfer destination will be provided separately.
Credit card payment and cashless payment are not available

How to confirm cancellation, contact date and time

If it is judged to be canceled due to circumstances, the organizer will contact you by the day of event.

Reservation deadline

The deadline for reservations is 5 pm, 7 days a advance.


« Target age »

The target age is different for each plan. Please check the target age column for each plan

« Health Condition »

※For the safety of our participants, this plan may not be available depending on their health condition, physical condition or constitution.

※If you are allergic to certain foods or substances have symptoms, or have any other concerns about your physical condition or constitution, please indicate in the remarks column when applying.
We will reply from the organizer.

※In the musical instrument activity, for the safety of all participants, those who have drunk alcoho on the day of participation and those who are judged by the organizer to be unable to ensure safety may not participate.

Activity process

  • 1 Meeting, sign-in

    Please gather and sign-in.
    Meeting and sign-in times vary depending on the plan, but please check the start time column for each plan.

  • 2 Description of the activity

    I will explain the precautions and the process of the activity

  • 3 Contents of the activity

    The staff will assist you from how to use the tools to completing each activity

  • 4 Dissolution

    After the activity is over, it will be disbanded. There is also a drink service after the activity is over
    ※The above process is a guide
    Please note that the process may change depending on the situation on the day

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